FSC® Certification

Greenpack is Proud to Announce FSC® Certification!

What is FSC®?

The Forest Stewardship Council® is an independent, non-profit organization that “protects forests for future generations.” This is accomplished through setting standards for responsible forest management. Nearly all of the paper used by Greenpack Corrugated is purchased from paper suppliers who are FSC certified. Early in 2016, Greenpack Corrugated became an FSC certified supplier.

What does FSC® Certification mean for Greenpack Corrugated?

  • Greenpack can now offer clients FSC® certified products (FSC® - C138276) that carry an FSC® Claim with them.
  • Qualified finished products can carry the FSC® Label with Greenpack’s unique certificate number.
    • Papers purchased by Greenpack are received bearing either an FSC® Mix or FSC®Recycled.
    • Based on the combinations of papers used in production of corrugated board, Greenpack’s finished product will qualify as either FSC® Mix or FSC® Recycled.
    • The specific papers used determine the exact classification, with most Greenpack products meeting the requirements for FSC® Mix.

What is required for labeling products bearing the FSC® Claim?

Greenpack orders made with FSC® certified papers are eligible to have an FSC® Label appear on the finished product. The label will state the type of product – either FSC® Mix or FSC® Recycled in this case – and feature the unique Greenpack FSC® certification number. There are rules for use of the FSC® Label:

  • Only FSC® Label generator or other means approved by the certification body can be used.
  • Label will state the appropriate FSC® Claim.
  • Label placement (artwork) must be approved prior to use in production.
  • Label can appear as an element within the overall graphics of a box (such as with a full-mount plate) or as another element comparable to cert stamp and box ident.
  • Label must be clearly visible on the product.
  • Additional rules apply and will be considered during artwork approval process.

What is the value of FSC® Certification to Greenpack clients and prospects?

  • FSC® certification provides a natural complement to Greenpack’s existing sustainability policies.
  • FSC® certification demonstrates Greenpack’s commitment to responsible use of resources.
  • Clients promoting their own responsible environmental practices can now use the FSC® Label on eligible products to provide a visible, recognizable image.