Machine & Product Capabilities


Able to run 22″ – 69″ wide rolls with standard diameters of 58″

  • Run single wall flutes: A/B/C/E
  • Run double wall flutes: AB
  • 1800 mm and daily Corrogation 80 MT

Our presses are capable of running boxes in up to two colors from a minimum size of 3” x 3” x 4” (sheet size 7” x 12”) to a maximum size of 48” x 48” x 48” (sheet size 108” x 194”) – and any standard or custom size in between. That’s the size of a small cosmetic box up to the size of a large boxes!


  • J.S Printing Machine - YKB-III
  • Dong Fong - Topra Printing


  • APSTAR 1632: 3-color rotary die cutting with inline scoring and slotting section
  • HYCORR RDC: 2-color rotary die cutter
  • T-SERIES: Flatbed die cutter to run E flute through BC double wall, used to die cut partitions, inserts and interiors

Production Arena

We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit equipped with fully automatic machines with a high capacity of 80 ton per day .With latest technological advancements and proper research and development we are able to produce qualitative packaging products which ensure our clients are happy and satisfied. Along with quality, another aspect which we focus on is 'TIME FRAME DISPATCHES' of the product.

Auto Gluing.jpgautostiching.jpgGluin Machine.01.jpginf1.jpginf2.jpgPrinter Slotter JS.1.jpgPrinter Slotter Topra.jpgPunching Machine.jpgpunching.jpgsample cutter.jpgsplicer.jpgtorpa.jpgtorpa1.jpg

Raw Material & Finished Goods Storage

Finish Goods Storage.2.jpgFinish Goods Storage.3.jpgPaper RM Storage.1.jpg